When companies hire a marketing consultant they get a professional with the exact skill set and experience required to execute a specific project. Hiring a consultant allows a company to use a senior marketing management professional with highly specialized expertise for much less than it would cost to hire someone of this calibre full time. The same budget would probably afford a novice full-time marketing employee who would be learning on the job.

Paying a seasoned local business consultant is an investment. It makes sense to pay the  rates for high quality services from someone who understands the responsibilities of a marketing consultant to get the project finished on budget by deadline. A successful internet marketing strategy and campaign will more than pay for the cost of hiring an internet marketing consultancy.


There are many reasons to hire a veteran marketing consultant to grow your business. A local marketing consultant offers:

Objectivity. An outside consultant has no bias or ulterior motive, plus brings a fresh new perspective to rejuvenate and invigorate your marketing efforts.

Current knowledge of your market. The best marketing consultants thrive in business because they stay abreast of the latest technologies and current trends. Hiring someone local affords you meaningful experience where you do business.

Productivity. Full-time employees are hired with the expectation they have a few months to learn the ropes and understand the full scope of a job. A marketing consultant, in contrast, is hired precisely because of the depth and breadth of knowledge possessed and will jump right in to learning about your company and determining the best marketing strategy.

Efficiency. Every local internet marketing consultant earns a reputation for executing a project on time and on budget. Self-starters, consultants thrive on tight timelines and know how to motivate people to get the job done. Additionally, marketing consultants typically use other experts to help them meet their objectives, so hiring a marketing consultant is like hiring the brain trust of a marketing firm.

A tax deduction. It’s true! Hiring a local internet marketing consultant is a tax deductible business expense because the HST paid translates into an Input Tax Credit.

Local marketing consultants will understand the demands and preferences of target demographics in your area as well as the challenges you have engaging interest from other markets farther away or internationally. In addition to local knowledge and the ability to produce an effective strategic marketing plan, a local consultant may also have valuable contacts that can help your business succeed.

Often companies find local consultants much more responsive than companies overseas, which may offer much cheaper rates. As the old saying goes: You get what you pay for. Better customer service, excellent command of the English language, and superior knowledge of your competitors are all advantages to hiring locally.