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Online Courses I Teach at National Digital Academy

(FREE) The 6-Day Social Media Jumpstart Challenge

Get “unstuck” with social media and learn simple steps you can take using social media best practices to grow your business online. This free course helps entrepreneurs and small business owners learn how to jumpstart their stalled social media efforts to increase their business’s online presence and grow their social followers.

Intro to Social Media for Business Growth

A perfect follow-up to the Social Media Jumpstart, the Intro to Social Media for Business Growth course helps entrepreneurs and small businesses continue planning and building their social media presence across all leading social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn B2B Marketing Best Practices for Business Growth

If your small business is looking to build your brand, grow your network, deliver content, drive targeted website traffic, and increase leads then LinkedIn is a great place to be. This course is a great fit for all business types — brand-new or established, small- and medium-sized, B2B or B2C, online or brick-and-mortar, and those with no LinkedIn presence or one that needs work.