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We’ve just finished developing a complete virtual events strategy, development, branding, marketing and advertising campaign in British Columbia for Chill and Thrill.
If you’re looking for virtual events development or marketing services we can help. Here’s an overview of Chill and Thrill and its first two virtual events: Treasure Hunts and Ten Trail Challenges

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Get Outside, Explore & Play with Chill and Thrill

Chill and Thrill is an online platform that provides self-guided outdoor experiences in Chilliwack that you can enjoy anytime, on your own or with family and friends. All you need is a smartphone and the desire to get outside, explore and play!

Inspired by a passion for the outdoors, a love for Chilliwack and the desire to help others discover the joy of exploring, Chill and Thrill offers a variety of fun Treasure Hunts and exciting Challenges. And as the name implies, there’s something for every fitness level and adventure style.

You simply check out the range of experiences on the Chill and Thrill website at, choose one, sign-up, (there are affordable one-time, monthly and quarterly passes as well as free trials for everyone), review the details, grab your smartphone and then head out!

You’ll be guided by simple instructions on your mobile device as you go. Here’s what some of our adventurers have said about their first experiences with Chill and Thrill.

The Chill and Thrill Ten Trail Challenge

This summer Chill and Thrill launches the Ten Trail Challenge, where participants challenge themselves to walk, hike or run 10 beautiful Chilliwack trails between June 19th and August 13th. Some are “chill” (flatter, shorter, easier) and some are “thrill” (not for the faint of heart) but all are fun!

Participation is just $25 per Challenger, with $5 from every registration going to support Chilliwack trails via the Chilliwack Park Society, and there are prizes to be won, completion badges to collect, and memories to be made. More?

After a long, hard year, the Ten Trail Challenge will get you out of the house and away from your screen. You’ll be motivated to explore new Chilliwack trails (even more fun with friends!) and enjoy a wonderful sense of accomplishment. You can enter to win fun prizes, show off completion badges online and see how you rank in online leaderboards for each trail. You’ll also be supporting an important local non-profit. What could be better?