Social Media Marketing Best Practices: Brent Purves in the Financial Post

Last month Vancouver’s Stir Communications Group CEO Brent Purves provided insights on Social Media Marketing best practices to the Financial Post for a Canadian business case study called “Focused Messaging: Social media helps us stand out in a noisy new market with many competitors” (Denise Deveau, Financial Post, Mar. 5, 2012).

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Excerpt: “When considering a social media strategy to build buzz around a new business, it’s easy to go wrong if you don’t follow some best practices. Hear are some basic things to consider when targeting a niche market:

Stay engaged with customers. “Anyone who downloads our product or is even remotely interested gets one-to-one support,” says Andi Wilson of MyVoice. “Follow up with anyone who talks to you, and remain active on your feeds. Spend every day searching out people, groups, keywords and hash tags that could bring people to your community.”

Make good use of search terms. For MyVoice, that meant understanding the vernacular of the speech language pathology community among other words (e.g. #SLPEEPS – a term for speech language pathologists or #AAC – augmentative and alternative communication).

Use multiple forms of social media. Link videos, photos and tutorials to your site. Add this type of content to Facebook and Twitter to create a richer experience. Don’t forget to tweet new posts.

Be aware. The more you follow people and access their posts, the more posts will appear in your home feed. Make the most of your connections with big users.

Keep it going and current. “Don’t start unless you have a plan in place or you might bite off more than you can chew,” says Brent Purves of Stir Media. Post items daily, then listen and engage. “Wait for opportunities to join conversations rather than just pushing information out,” he advises.  

[And] use analytics to track conversations, time spent in conversations, pathways, etc. Don’t discount negative feedback Use those comments as opportunities to directly answer questions or concerns.”

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