The 10 Most Common Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Social media marketing is a very valuable tool for business owners and brand managers. When done well, it can be one of the fastest, most affordable and most effective ways to build a brand online, grow a following, drive targeted traffic, increase conversions and more.

what are the most common social media mistakes

But because there are so many moving parts it can be easy to make mistakes, wasting time and resources on tactics that simply won’t work (or, worse, hurt a brand’s reputation).

Luckily we can learn a lot from our industry peers and competitors. Where have they made missteps on social media and how can we avoid making them ourselves? Here are 10 of the most common ones:

  • Not starting with a solid social media marketing strategy
  • Failing to define, find and “speak to” your target audience(s)
  • Failing to establish your social persona; failing to find your voice
  • Failing to achieve clear, consistent and persuasive branding across channels
  • Not taking enough care with content
  • Trying to “set it and forget it”
  • Being “self-centred”; not performing meaningful engagement
  • Counting on organic growth; not using paid tools
  • Not tracking results; failing to measure success

The good news? Avoiding these mistakes is easy. Learn how now by downloading the free guide from the social media marketing pros at National Digital Academy.

And then plan to maximize your social media marketing know-how by taking National Digital Academy’s “Intro to Social Media for Business Growth” , an on-demand online course designed to help entrepreneurs, business owners and everybody in between plan, build, publish, promote and measure success in social media as a key component of building a business online. Questions? Get in touch with the National Digital Academy team today.

free social media guide - top ten social media mistakes businesses make


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