How To Smash, Pin and Score With Twitter

It’s hard to believe that Twitter has been around for almost a decade already. Tweets may be small, but their reach is undeniable.  Twitter has over 300 million active users and 100 million of them use Twitter every day. It’s no wonder that 98% of the top brands use this social platform. (Source)

So what can Twitter do for your business? Handled correctly, Twitter is an excellent way to get the word out, handle customer feedback and engage with your audience. We’ve gathered five articles to help your business get the most out of Twitter.

Smash Customer Expectations on Twitter

Do you know what your customers want to hear from you? Andy Vale from Social Bro (@AndyVale) outlines five things today’s customer wants and practical ways you can use Twitter to give it to them. [4 min read] Start making your customers even happier

The Ultimate Guide to Pinning a Tweet

Twitter moves very quickly.  A pinned tweet it a great way to make sure your customers see your most important message first. Digital DYG’s Swadhin Agrawal (@AgrawalSwadhin) has 19 strategic ways to use a pinned tweet to market your product. [5 min read] Take control of your feed with a pinned tweet

How To Score Big With Twitter Promoted Video

British jean maker Paige Denim used a behind-the-scenes video to reach a huge audience for the tiny cost of just 7 cents per view. This case study walks through what they did and why it worked. [3 min read] See just how far a great video can go

How to Create a Social Media Calendar

Creating a social media calendar is one of the easiest ways to get a handle on your social media posting.  As Carly Stec (@CarlyStec) from Hubspot puts it, “Defining a social media calendar will not only help you to consistently publish more compelling social posts, but it will also make it easier for your to provide measurable ROI.” [2 min read] Start building your calendar

Need a Superhero, Social Media Manager, or Agency to Grow Your Business?

Social media has moved closer than ever to the center of business. It’s not a question of whether or not a business needs a social presence, it’s just a question of who is going to handle it. Find out what you can handle yourself and when it’s time to call for backup. [3 min read] Get a better handle on your social media

You can say a lot in 140 characters. Are your tweets saying the right thing? You can say a lot in 140 characters. Are your tweets saying the right thing? Contact me today for help with Twitter marketingTwitter managementTwitter advertising and media buying, and social media strategic planning.

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