Easy Tips for Managing Your Company’s Online Reputation

online reputation managementNo matter what you’re selling, first impressions count. With more and more people researching purchases online before they shop, that critical first impression may happen long before you and the customer meet. A recent study by BrightLocal found that “88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” Your online reputation matters. How do you make sure your company puts its best foot forward?

The first step to managing your online reputation is being aware of it. Simply doing a Google search for your own brand is a great place to start. Setting up Google Alerts is even better. Once you know what’s already out there, the following articles can help you build on a great reputation or get started on any needed repairs.

Your Guide to Online Reputation Management
Companies used to hold most of the control when it came to how their brand was perceived. Social media and popular review sites have changed all of that. As a business owner you are less in control of things than you used to be. But that’s actually pretty good news. Jayson DeMers (@jaysondemers) tells you why. [6 min read] Take a closer look at your reputation

When Disaster Strikes on Social Media
Evan Seto (@evan_seto_) writes, “If you’re managing Twitter for business, it’s also super important to remember that behind all Twitter accounts, there are people.” Twitter brings your customers closer which is wonderful when the conversation is going well. Here’s what to do if it slides off the rails. [2 min read] Learn from these mistakes

Google Launches Unsent Button in Gmail
If you’ve ever hit “send” only to feel instant regret, Google has got your back. Turn on this quick setting in Gmail and you’ll always have an opportunity to say things better. Matt Novak walks you through this easy fix. [1 min read] Turn on the Unsent button

7 Steps to Handling a Bad Yelp! Review
Even the very best companies can’t make everyone happy one hundred percent of the time. But if you know what to do when a bad review comes your way you can turn it into a great marketing opportunity. Jean Dion’s (@jeanmariedion) simple guide will have customers singing your praises again in no time.
How to Respond to a Bad Yelp Review

Your Online Reputation Management Starts Here
Your business and your brand have a reputation online whether or not you choose to actively participate in online promotional activities. If you don’t manage what’s being said about your business and brand and control your online reputation, someone else will.
Take a closer look at your online reputation

Does your company’s online reputation need a tune-up? Take the first step and get a free online business analysis today or request a free consultation to discuss your online reputation management needs.

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