11 Ways to Increase Business Website Traffic and Leads

website traffic and lead generation Content marketing, in particular business blogging, is a fantastic strategy for growing your brand, attracting new clients and building loyalty and interest among existing clients.

When done well, an insightful blog can raise the profile of your online branding and improve your rankings on Google organically. What does this mean for your business? Increased website traffic, qualified leads, sales, and bookings.

Here are our 11 top tips to help increase your online presence, increase website/blog traffic and increase online leads for your  business through content writing and blogging:

  1. Publish frequently

    Write and post to your blog at minimum once a month. If your goal is to create regular readership, sporadic posts just won’t do. Strive instead to create a schedule for blog posting, be that weekly, biweekly, or monthly. However it works for you is fine as long as it is reliable for the readers you want to attract.

  2. Headlines matter

    Think like a tech-savvy newspaper editor. Write headlines for your blog post titles that pique interest and just beg to be read. Don’t forget that for online content you also need to think in terms of keyword-rich wording to get recognition from search engines.

  3. Shout it out

    Promote new business blog posts via email, Facebook, Twitter, or your email newsletter. Use your online presence to cultivate readership and create excitement about your blog posts. Why sit back and wait for people to find your blog posts if you can market them?

  4. Use email

    How many emails do you send out or reply to in a day? Consider adding a link to your business blog in your email signature to get the word out. If you have a particularly great blog post, write a snappy promo line about it as a link in your email signature.

  5. Solicit subscribers

    Remember to include multiple subscription options on your blog and website. Make it enticing and easy for people to sign up to hear what you have to say.

  6. Visit other industry blogs

    Budget time to read other business blogs regularly and leave meaningful comments. You’d be surprised how many qualified leads can be attracted to click through to your blog if you post relevant, non-spammy comments.

  7. Write for other bloggers

    Do some guest blog posting to expand your reach. You can offer your blog posts for other bloggers to post on their blog sites to raise your profile.

  8. Get listed

    Submit your blog to directories. This builds inbound links to your blog, which helps it get picked up in Google.

  9. Have a bird

    It is important to Tweet. Use Twitter to build an audience for your blog by tweeting about each of your business blog posts more than once over a span of several weeks.

  10. Syndicate

    When you think syndication you might think of television, but social media helps build audience through syndicating as well. Use this opportunity with RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn to name a few to make it easy for people to follow and read your blog. Social post about your blog posts and include an image to draw interest.

  11. Sharing isn’t just nice, it’s smart

    Make it easy for people who like a blog post or social media link to share it with their own online community. Add social sharing icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to your blog so readers can share posts effortlessly.

Excited about content marketing and blogging but unsure where to start? We recommend you set up a blog on your website and set a goal that is achievable – maybe blogging once a month to start. Brainstorm some topic ideas and pick your favourite. Make sure your blog titles are keyword rich, descriptive, and enticing. Each time you publish a new blog be sure to post links to it to all of your social accounts.

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