How to Hire the Best Internet Marketing Consultant for Your Business

Finding an internet marketing consultants is easy. Finding the best local internet marketing consultants for your business can be challenging – but not if you know the right questions to ask.

The trick about interviewing marketing professionals is that this is a profession built on the ability to spin information to make it look good. When you are hiring a marketing consultant, you need to know two things:

When you fully understand the scope of what an experienced internet marketing consultant should be able to offer to your business, it will be easier for you ignore the sales pitch and get right to the facts. You need to be able to effectively gauge the prospective marketing consultant’s skills and experience and then evaluate how satisfied their recent clients are with their work.


  • What is your marketing background? (Get specifics – where did the consultant study marketing? What courses? Where has the consultant worked?)
  • Do you have a portfolio that showcases your recent work?
  • What kind of marketing strategy do you think will build my brand image and capture the interest of prospective clients?
  • Do you usually work alone or do you work as part of a team? (Specifically, does the consultant work with local skilled talent or does the consultant outsource work to cheap labour in India or the Philippines?)
  • How do you measure your success for a client?

For a full list of questions to ask when you are looking to hire a marketing consultant, read this article. Doing a careful screening and checking references will save you valuable time and money.


Hiring a marketing consultant is an investment, but in the long run makes financial sense. The rates for a business marketing consultant  are much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time marketing staff person. Sometimes in the quest to save money for the budget companies will find the least expensive marketing consultancy online with a few good customer reviews as the best option.

Be wary of hiring international companies that promise a lot for very little cost. Hiring a local business allows you to check with their recent customers and verify the work has been done for real clients who are pleased with the results.

There are many benefits to hiring a local marketing consultant. You can meet the consultant face to face; generally companies are much more satisfied with the responsiveness of local marketing consultants. It is also a lot easier to work with people who are in the same time zone, understand the local market, have local contacts, and operate within the same time zone.

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