[FREE GUIDE] How to Set-Up a Facebook Page for a Small Business

Before you welcome your guests to the party, you want to make sure that the space is decorated, the snacks are out, and the playlist is ready to go. Properly setting up your Facebook Business Page is like doing that for your business.

free guide for small business facebook page setup

And if there’s any question about whether or not your business needs a Facebook Business Page, the answer is: Yes. 80 million other businesses are already finding success on Facebook. And data shows that consumers rely a lot on social media to influence their buying decisions.

So don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your target market in a meaningful (and measurable) way on Facebook—turning strangers into fans and followers and then into leads and ultimately into happy customers and brand evangelists.

If you already have a Facebook Business Page, you should review it right now against set-up best practices to make sure you aren’t missing any opportunities for customization and optimization. And if you don’t have one, you should set one up right away.

REMEMBER: It’s possible to create a Facebook Business Page in minutes, but actually each of the Page’s components should be given very careful consideration. After all, your Page will be an important representation of your business. (And often it’ll be the first place people meet (and make decisions about) your brand.)

So make it good (engaging, complete, consistent and complementary) and ensure that all pieces (branding, imagery, copy etc.) are set-up with your social media marketing goals, target audiences and key messaging in mind.

learn how to setup a facebook business page

Need help?

We’ve created the above Facebook Business Page Set Up Guide, available for free download. It’ll walk you through the steps of building your own best practices Page (or auditing your existing Page).

The guide includes:

  • How to create a Business Page from scratch
  • Naming and categorizing your Page
  • Navigating around and adding your business info
  • How to add your own Vanity URL
  • Profile and Cover Photo best practices and tips
  • The importance of a CTA Button and a persuasive About & Story
  • Ideas for promoting your new Page
  • Recommended next steps –> online training to take your Page from set-up to success!


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