5 Ways to Get More Leads from Facebook

facebook lead generationIt’s no secret that your business needs to be on Facebook. With over 350 million users and counting, it’s too large an audience to ignore. This month I’ve rounded-up four articles to help you improve the results you’re getting from your Facebook page.

A good Facebook post starts with a great image so I’ve found eight places to find free stock photos. Kevan Lee from Buffer will walk you through how to get a thousand followers on Facebook and Moz has an excellent overview of how make the most of hashtags. Facebook has a quick tutorial on how to stretch your ad budget and if you’re wondering why your likes are down this month, don’t worry. This final article explains what happened, and why it’s a good thing.

8 Great Sources of Free Images

According to an article in Fast Company, Facebook posts with images get “53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs on links than text-based posts”(source). Your posts need photos. Here are eight places to find free stock images that make you look good. Start searching for great images

How to Get Your First Thousand Followers on Facebook

Kevan Lee (@kevanlee)  from Buffer has a very informative article on how to get your first thousand followers on Facebook and five other major social platforms. You’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to improve your profile and a practical guide to using your Facebook page to connect with your customers. Polish up your Facebook page

How To Use Hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags are growing up which means the strategy that works on Twitter might not be as effective on your Facebook page. This great article from Moz (@Moz) outlines how to use hashtags on each of the major social platforms. You’ll want to save the chart at the end. Read more about hashtag best practices on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook: Ad Relevance Score

Facebook (@Facebook) claims that you can pay less to reach your audience if you understand how to use the Facebook Ad relevance scores. The score acts as a quick report card showing you which ad creatives are hitting the mark and where you can improve. Find out how your ads are really doing. Take the Facebook ad relevance score tutorial

Facebook Changes How Likes Are Counted

You’ve probably noticed your Facebook likes going down this month. Don’t worry; it’s a good thing. Throughout the month of March Facebook aggressively deleted fake accounts.  Once the fake accounts are edited out, your new likes will be a much better representation of your audience. Take a closer look at Facebook likes


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