Hi, I’m Brent Purves, Your Fractional CMO in Vancouver Canada.  

As your strategic partner and Fractional Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Director, I focus on high-impact, strategic work tailored to the needs of established companies seeking part-time, remote digital marketing leadership. Specializing in strategic marketing planning, scaling marketing efforts, and driving digital transformation, my fractional marketing services enable your organization to achieve significant growth at a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive.

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I’m your go-to Fractional Marketing Executive

For over 20 years I’ve developed and implemented digital marketing plans for hundreds of companies from startups to global enterprises. I bring seasoned leadership as a remote Fractional CMO, Marketing VP, or Marketing Director, to help Canadian and international businesses and nonprofits like yours scale efficiently.

Hiring a remote Fractional Marketing executive is a proven way to increase profits and grow a business online. 

✅ Trust

My goal is to build trust-based, long-term relationships with my clients and partners.

✅ Growth

I work hard to help businesses grow and have a positive impact in the world.

✅ Expertise 

I help businesses thrive by leveraging my years of experience and staying current with industry trends.

I’ll help increase your company’s online leads and sales.

✅ Capability

I offer fractional marketing services and have the capability to bring in a team of digital marketing experts from my agency, Stir Marketing, to meet your digital marketing needs.

✅ Experience

Trusted by over 327 clients from 14 countries, I’ve been working in digital marketing and advertising for over 20 years.

✅ Fun

I like to get things done, to do them well, and to have a great time along the way.

I like a good challenge

I’m passionate about marketing, creativity, creating a positive impact, and adventure. In my spare time I use this enthusiasm to motivate others to improve their mental and physical health through interaction with nature. Through the Explorer Series a virtual events initiative I started in 2020, I help motivate thousands of individuals to engage in outdoor activities and exploration. Learn more.

I blend creativity and strategy to elevate digital presence.

I effect positive change

I believe that thinking differently, working with the most talented people around, and pursuing greatness with like-minded companies creates great results. Want to join me? Click here to set up a free video or phone consult and let’s talk about planning, building and implementing digital marketing strategies to grow your businesses online.

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I plan for your success

I’ll work with you to devise a Strategic Digital Marketing Plan specifically tailored to meet your business goals. Once approved, this comprehensive guide will navigate us through resource allocation, timelines, responsibilities, and milestones, ensuring the effective execution of campaigns and promoting your business growth.

Digital Marketing Quote by Brent Purves "The path to business growth follows adaptive strategy"

“I would highly recommend Stir Marketing for the strategic content development work they created for Tourism Richmond Meetings and Conventions social media channel. The team at Stir was excellent to work with, responsive, creative while still offering pragmatic advice in growing our audience and improving our engagement in this channel.”
– Judy F., Business Development Manager Tourism Richmond

“When we needed to accelerate our digital marketing, we chose Stir Communications to take us to the next level – and we’re glad we did! Thank you for your great service and prompt attention to detail to keep us relevant over the years.”
– Linda M., Adult Degree Completion, Trinity Western University

“Stir Marketing took us by the hand and walked us through an area of business that was somewhat foreign to us. Brent helped us implement digital marking strategies, communications, and visual media that were in tune with the clients we sought to attract and the culture we wished to create. Would highly recommend their services.”
– Tamiko C., Owner, World Gym Athletics

“I am confident in recommending the services of Brent Purves and his team. Brent helped us launch a successful campaign while calmly troubleshooting issues and concerns as they arose. He also patiently trained us as we proceeded so at the end of our project he was able to hand us the ball and let us run with it.”
– Peter L., Hollyburn Properties Limited

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