Vancouver Marketing Consultant

Are you looking for a leading digital marketing consultant in Vancouver? I can help.

When you are looking for a marketing consultant to grow your Vancouver-area business it pays to hire a local marketing professional who has demonstrated market knowledge and connections. Here’s 5 Reasons to Hire Brent Purves as Your Vancouver Marketing Consultant.

When you hire someone who lives in the Lower Mainland instead of a consultant based back east or elsewhere in the world you will soon appreciate the ability to talk and meet in person. One benefit of hiring local talent that will save you logistical headaches as you schedule meetings is working in the same time zone. Additionally, if you hire a Vancouver marketing consultant rather than a company that outsources overseas (many outsource to India to save money) your business will profit from in-depth understanding of the Canadian market, in particular Western Canada’s, and strong English skills.


Vancouver’s technical marketplace is vibrant, home to several ground-breaking marketing industry companies. Marketing industry leaders like, the renowned social media dashboard, and, an innovative platform for managing social media campaigns, are headquartered in Vancouver, BC. When you are looking for a competitive edge by leveraging the latest in social media and technology, the Lower Mainland offers a wealth of highly skilled internet marketing professionals.

When you are looking for a Vancouver marketing consultant, it helps to know which type of internet marketing consultant best meets your business needs. Types to consider include:

When you contact prospective marketing consultants, naturally you will ask about marketing background. Don’t be afraid to get specific: Ask to see examples of recent work and ask about their recent clients. Usually experienced consultants will have not only great examples of work in an online portfolio to review, but testimonials from their top clients. Do your homework and determine if client satisfaction is high or suspect.

There are many questions to ask before you get deeper into discussions, but one of the most important things is to find out is how long the consultant has worked with recent clients. You want to see if the consultant has had demonstrated success improving a business over time, say a couple of years, and not just worked for short stretches of a few months for various companies. For a more comprehensive list of questions to ask a prospective Vancouver-based marketing consultant, Read Hire a Consultant.

Once you have a feeling about the marketing consultant’s experience and ability, you need to talk about rates. Typically marketing consultants charge either hourly rates, flat fees, project-based fees, or an ongoing monthly retainer. Average hourly rates for experienced Vancouver marketing consultants range from $75 per hour to $500 per hour, depending on the type of consulting, the complexity of the work to be completed, and the experience of the consultant. For more information about the financial cost to your business for quality marketing services, read Marketing Consultant Rates.