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For over 13 years Brent has lived and worked in and around Chilliwack and Vancouver BC providing consulting, strategic planning, branding, internet marketing, advertising and web design/development services to hundreds of clients ranging from local Chilliwack and Abbotsford businesses to national Canadian non-profit organizations to large international corporations.

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Chilliwack Client Projects Overview

  • Chilliwack Web Design and SEO (Automotive online marketing strategy, web development, SEO, copywriting)
  • Non profit organization website development, branding, online marketing strategic plan and implementation, SEO, email newsletter design and publishing, social media posting & engaging, copywriting (Chilliwack)
  • City portal strategic plan, web development, branding, local business and tourism marketing, photography, social media, custom programming, SEO, search marketing (Chilliwack)
  • Real estate online marketing strategy and implementation, internet marketing coaching, web development, microsite development (Chilliwack)
  • Property development strategic online marketing and advertising planning and consultation (Chilliwack)
  • Restaurant web development and online marketing (Chilliwack)
  • Retirement, residential care, assisted living and independent living online marketing and advertising consulting, SEO, copywriting (Abbotsford)
  • Winning Chilliwack mayoral election campaign website, online marketing strategy, SEO and PPC
  • Architect web development and online marketing (Chilliwack)
  • Church website development and online communications strategy (Chilliwack)
  • Medical office web development and online marketing (Abbotsford)
  • Travel & Tourism destination resort online marketing strategy & implementation, consulting,
  • web development, SEO, video marketing (Chilliwack)
  • Natural foods email marketing and social media contests (Abbotsford)

Chilliwack Marketing and Advertising Services

Working closely with my team at  Stir Marketing  and National Digital Academy we provide full service online branding, strategic planning, Internet marketing, social media and web development solutions for  businesses, non profit organizations, and  travel, tourism & hospitality  companies in Chilliwack and around the world. If you’d like a personal consultation over coffee, zoom, or the phone I’d be happy to speak with you. Please contact me today for a free initial business marketing consultation.


We’ll work with your Chilliwack team to develop a strategic digital marketing plan to match your unique business goals.


We’ll manage your online media buy in Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.


We’ll get you found in search engines with an SEO or PPC campaign and then track leads through to conversion.


We’ll reach your target audience through a Facebook,  Twitter  or integrated  social media marketing campaign.


We’ll build your local Chilliwack and mobile presence to further stake your claim in your niche market.


We’ll create and implement  online and social media promotions, contests and sweepstakes  to help build brand awareness, increase fans, encourage downloads, grow your email lists and more.


We’ll integrate email marketing into your online campaign to increase opportunity for customer contact and referral.


We develop and implement  viral marketing, advertising, buzz, and word-of-mouth  campaigns to help you promote your brand, product or services.


I provide corporate and individual online training in digital marketing at National Digital Academy. Contact me about your online learning needs and I’ll help you find the right online training or build an online training program for your company.


We provide full-service  internet marketing services for your travel, tourism and hotel & hospitality company.


We are a trusted digital marketing agency providing website, online marketing and advertising consulting services in Chilliwack, Vancouver, Canada, USA and around the world.